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Kilauea volcano lava slows movement toward Kalapana homes, continues entering ocean

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July 30, 2010

A south view of the lava flow's more vigorous western ocean entry. A steep escarpment, visible in the foreground, held the flow from the ocean for several days. Photo: USGS

A northeast looking view shows the lava flow's eastern ocean entry, with homes of Kalapana Gardens subdivision in the background. Photo: USGS

A west looking view of the lava flow's eastern ocean entry, as it covers a beach. Photo: USGS

South looking view of lava flow near homes at Kalapana Gardens subdivision, in the foreground. Photo: USGS

A composite of thermal and normal photography shows the current Kalapana flow's western ocean entry (upper left) and eastern ocean entry (lower left). On the right side of the photo, lava borders the remaining forest and homes in Kalapana Gardens subdivision. Photo: USGS

July 29, 2010

Lava drips into the sea at the flow's western ocean entry. Photo: USGS

A 3-foot-wide channel feeds a surge of fast-moving lava through coconut palms toward the ocean. Photo: USGS

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