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Scenes from a beachside premiere: Hawaii Five-0 debuts in Waikiki


The final count in Waikiki last night went something like this ...

More than 5,000 screaming fans sitting on beach towels and goza mats on Waikiki’s Queen’s Surf Beach. A hundred or so Hawaii, Mainland and international journalists crowded along a red carpet rolled out on the sand. Five impossibly good-looking cast members walking said red carpet. Three beaming executive producers. Much local-style pomp. Much local-style circumstance.

And all of the above, and more, gathered for the grand beachside premiere of one much-anticipated, much-ballyhooed redux of a classic Hawaii-filmed CBS TV crime drama. That would be Hawaii Five-0, by the way.

CBS hosted the free advance screening of the new Five-0's pilot episode at a special Sunset on the Beach event as a "mahalo" to the people of Hawaii for welcoming the production with open arms (and tax credits). The rest of the U.S. will get to see the debut of the new Five-0 in six days—Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. (Hawaii time), 10 p.m. (East coast/West coast time).

HAWAII Magazine was on the beach from sunset till screening—watching the surf and picture-perfect fall sky while waiting for the Five-0 cast to arrive, tossing questions at the cast once they did, jostling for the best views of the big screen and capturing the photos here and on the next few pages.

We had a great time! Hope it shows.

To know you were at the right spot for the premiere on Queen's Surf Beach in Waikiki, all you had to do was look for these banners ...

... Or the hundreds of Hawaii Five-0 fans already gathered at the Sunset on the Beach big screen three hours before showtime.

Seating for the cast, crew, media and V.I.P.s.

Seating for everyone else.

HAWAII Magazine's one-and-only chance to walk the red carpet.

Maui's Willie K got the crowd warmed up before sunset and the cast's arrival.

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