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Scenes from a beachside premiere: Hawaii Five-0 debuts in Waikiki

Al Harrington, who played Ben Kokua in the classic Five-0, works the press line. On stage just before the screening, Harrington read a letter James MacArthur (the original Det. Danny "Danno" Williams) had written to the new cast and crew: "May you all enjoy Hawaii and its fabulous people as much as I continue to do to this day. And may your association with Hawaii Five-O be as successful and fulfilling for you as mine has been for me."

Sunset on Queen's Surf Beach.

The cast arrives and begins working the media line on their way down the red carpet.

Asked if his buddies back in California were jealous of his typical Hawaii workday on the Five-O set, Scott Caan (Det. Danny "Danno" Williams) quipped, "They're not jealous because they're all in my living room right now."

Asked the same question we posed to Caan, an ebullient Grace Park (Det. Kono Kalakaua) said, "I don't tell my friends about my typical workday, because I get so much flak. And I had a pretty rough first month out here. No sympathy! Nobody cares! I could have been gnawed by sharks and bitten by random things in the forest. They don't care. They're, like, 'You're in Hawaii. It doesn't matter.' You could say, 'I work 20 hours a day!' They'd say, 'Shut up! You're in Hawaii.' These are my friends."

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Marching Band played the Hawaii Five-0 theme ...

... accompanied by a dance routine by the university's Rainbow Dancers.

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