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We’re on a boat! HAWAII Magazine goes snorkeling and sailing off Waikiki

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Photographer David Croxford and I were out on catamaran deck as soon as it left the pier. This is a view of the Hilton Hawaiian Village five minutes out of port.

Spirit had lots of deck room for sunning and taking in the view.

The crew readies our snorkeling gear. Masks have to be returned at the end of the sail. But every snorkel is brand new—you get to take it home.

15 minutes out of port and a mile or so from shore, we were already at Turtle Canyon reef.

After anchoring Spirit of Aloha ...

... the crew handed out life vests we'd be wearing while snorkeling. Made of tough but lightweight material and requiring very little air to float, the vests provided superb mobility in the water.

The morning was so warm and sunny, everyone on board wasted no time getting into the ocean.

Getting to the reef required some swimming away from the catamaran. A crew member guided us to the reef, 30 ft. below the ocean surface.

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