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“Best of Hawaii” 2010: Our readers' favorite Hawaii hiking trails

Napali Coast's Kalalau Valley Trail. Photo: Wikipedia Commons


Napali Coast Kalalau Trail

Ah, the Napali Coast! If you wish to hike the northern side of this breathtaking coastline—with its plunging sea cliffs, lush rainforests and valleys and panoramic ocean views—Kalalau is your trail. Depending on how far you wish to follow the strenuous 11-mile trail, you may have to plan an overnight trip. Whatever your plans, you’ll begin your hike at the Kee Beach at the end of Highway 560, and follow the Kalalau trail for two miles to Hanakapiai Beach. Hanakapiai is a white sand beach, best visited in summertime as it tends to wash away in winter. At four miles round trip, the trek to Hanakapiai is a great day hike. To hike further to Kalalau Valley—the trail’s endpoint—or to camp, however, you must obtain a state permit.

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