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VIDEO: Rising lava lake, explosive collapses mark increased activity at Kilauea volcano

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Earthquake activity around the Big Island of Hawaii volcano has also increased in recent weeks, with a peak of one magnitude 3.8 quake and 42 smaller earthquakes on the morning of Feb. 10. Geologists this morning reported 29 earthquakes had occurred within Kilauea volcano in the last 24 hours.

HVO geologists posted audio yesterday of lava lake activity within the Halemaumau vent from Monday afternoon. The continuous noise reminiscent of waves crashing is churning lava as gases are released from the lake surface. The sharp popping sounds are falling rocks from the vent wall hitting the lava lake surface.

A few miles southeast of Halemaumau crater, lava within Kilauea volcano’s Puu Oo crater continues to erupt sporadically from three vents.

Click on the frame below for a time-lapse video of day and evening lava activity in Puu Oo crater:

Time-lapse video of Puu Oo crater floor eruptive activity. Video: USGS

Access to Puu Oo is off limits to hikers. But activity at Halemaumau crater is visible to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park visitors from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s Thomas A. Jaggar Museum overlook, which is open 24 hours daily. Daily updates on Kilauea volcano activity are available at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website.

HawaiiMagazine.com has reported regularly on lava activity at Kilauea volcano and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Click here to catch up with all of our Volcano News posts. You can also follow our updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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