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Top 5 favorite Hawaii parks: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

No. 4

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve — Oahu

Hanauma Bay, near the far east end of Oahu’s south shore, features circular-shaped shore edging a popular snorkeling area. The bay is not a beach park for beach sport. Rather, it’s a nature preserve dedicated to safeguarding the fragile marine life in the bay. More than two decades ago, the City and County of Honolulu began piecing together a plan to establish Hanauma Bay as Hawaii’s first Marine Life Conservation District. What prompted the plan? Damage to the bay’s spectacular marine ecosystem caused by years of neglect and abuse tied to allowing some three million visitors annually. These days, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is continuing to re-establish ecosystem by limiting the flow of visitors, monitoring bay conditions, and maintaining an education programs. Before heading to the shoreline with snorkel gear and picnic lunches, visitors watch a video that details how everyone can help protect the bay while having fun exploring the reef. 

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Top 5 favorite Hawaii parks

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