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Top 5 favorite Hawaii parks: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

No. 2

Haleakala National Park — Maui

Haleakala National Park spotlights Maui’s highest peak, which stands 10,023 feet above sea level and covers the island’s upcountry southern and eastern coastlines. During pre-dawn hours, visitors ascend a dark winding road to the Haleakala Visitor Center (9,740 feet) to catch the summit sunrise. The sunset can be equally spectacular. If you go, in addition to camera gear, bring some cold-weather clothes as well as a blanket of some sort as it can be chilly and windy near the summit. The park, which spans 30,000 acres, has three visitor centers. For more information about scenic vistas and hiking trails, check out the park’s headquarters visitor center at 7,000 feet. Also, at sea level, on the southeastern coast, the park operates the Kapahulu Visitor Center. All areas of the park are fairly remote — stores, services, and lodging are all at least 30 minutes away. So, remember to bring with you all that you need for a safe and comfortable trip.

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Top 5 favorite Hawaii parks

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