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Top 5 favorite must-have Hawaii foods: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

No. 1 

shave ice 

Our Facebook ohana voted shave ice as their top must-have Hawaii food. Hawaii-style shave ice replaces the gritty ice of a typical snow cone with fine, fluffy snow-like ice that absorb syrup instead of allowing it to settle at the bottom of the cone. Hawaii’s shave ice is also famous for the multitude of syrup flavors and incarnations vendors here are forever crafting. Among the longtime favorites: lilikoi, pineapple, green tea, coconut and strawberry syrups. Real-deal shave ice shops offer the option of burying a scoop of ice cream under the shave ice. Also on the real-deal menu: azuki beans. Mashed into a chunky paste, azuki beans are scooped into the center of the shave ice cone for an extra kick of sweetness midway through the treat. For details about other add-ons, such as a “snow cap” of sweetened condensed milk, mocha balls and li hing powder, click here.

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Photos: loco moco, Derek Paiva; all others, David Croxford

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