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Top 5 favorite filmed-in-Hawaii TV series ever: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results


Hawaii Five-O


How could America not have been hooked by Hawaii Five-O from the moment it premiered on CBS in 1968? That percussive, hard-driving and ├╝ber groovy Morton Stevens opening theme washing over shots of a monster North Shore Oahu wave, aerial views of Honolulu and Waikiki, sunsets, the shaking hips of a Tahitian dancer and Jack Lord—who, with one turn toward the camera and poker-faced stare, communicated all you needed to know about just how formidable Det. Steve McGarrett was before you even met him. We could go on. But judging by the amount of votes Hawaii Five-O received in our Facebook ohana poll, you already know why the Aloha State crime drama series — filmed on Oahu for 12 seasons, 278 episodes — is a bona fide TV classic.

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