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Top 5 favorite filmed-in-Hawaii TV series ever: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

No. 2

Magnum P.I.


While fighting malefactors was clearly day-in, day-out work for the ever-serious Five-O unit, Tom Selleck’s ever-aloha-casual Thomas Sullivan Magnum always made crime fighting in Hawaii look like the coolest thing in the world to do. He worked only when he wanted to, and often with the loyal assistance of his amusing war buddies, helicopter pilot T.C. and club manager Rick. He resided gratis in a guesthouse on the luxurious oceanfront estate of millionaire author Robin Masters. He had unlimited use of Masters’  Ferrari 308 GTS. And the majority of Magnum's cases involved beautiful women as either clients or the pursued. All reason enough for our Facebook ohana’s serious Magnum P.I. ardor.

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