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Scenes from Hawaii Five-0's season 3 premiere at Waikiki’s “Sunset on the Beach”


Hawaii Five-O cast members and executives, along with Hawaii performers, greet cheering, photo-snapping fans from the Waikiki stage used for Oahu's various "Sunset on the Beach" events. 


Oahu-based Halau Hula Olana performers take the stage before the sneak-peak screening. Among the other performers: Kenny Endo Taiko Drums and the Honolulu Boys Choir. 


Alex O'Loughlin (pictured, above) addresses fans at the "world premiere" of the show's third season. So, how will the plots play out? We have no idea. However, late last week we spotted camera crews, actors and several "extras" immersed in the filming both daytime and nighttime scenes. So, apparently, the Five-O story is still in the works.

Photos: Wes Funai

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