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Top 5 favorite Hawaii valleys: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

Halawa Valley, Molokai

Not to brag, but Hawaii has some of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

Sure we’re a bit biased. But put yourself in our slippahs. Just about every Hawaiian Island can claim a breathtaking valley. We have valleys of all shapes, sizes and terrains—populated and pristine, remote and easily accessible, lush and rugged. We’ve even got an island nicknamed the Valley Isle.

So when we asked our HAWAII Magazine Facebook ohana to tell us what their favorite Hawaii valley was, we knew we’d get a variety of answers.

As it turned out, there were hundreds of answers from all of you, name-checking every valley from the Big Island’s very remote and way lush Waimanu Valley to the perfect example of the Hawaiian ahupuaa mountain-to-sea land division system that is Limahuli Valley on Kauai’s north shore, and everything in between. After counting ‘em all up, we’re ready to present your Top 5 Favorite Hawaii valleys here and on the pages ahead.

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We’ll be posting our next Ohana Poll question on HAWAII Magazine’s Facebook page in the days ahead, so join soon if you haven’t yet.

Now, however, it’s time to visit some valleys. Here’s the Top 5 countdown of our Facebook ohana’s favorite Hawaii valleys:


Manoa Valley

(Honolulu, Oahu)

Manoa is the epitome of Oahu’s southshore network of urban residential valleys—populous and popular, but not without its share of sublime natural wonder and untrammeled pockets ripe for exploration. Conveniently situated near Honolulu’s urban core, while maintaining a relaxed distinctly residential neighborhood feel, real estate in the valley is pricey and coveted by homebuyers. Still, the bulk of Manoa’s natural beauty remains largely accessible to the public—on the valley's rain-kissed backend at the foot of the Koolau mountain range. For example, the easily traversed Manoa Falls trail, Lyon Arboretum botanical gardens and a large network of state-maintained trails along the valley’s ridges up into the Koolau’s.

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