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Top 5 favorite Hawaii valleys: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results


Kalalau Valley

(Napali Coast, Kauai)

The Napali Coast’s most naturally breathtaking valley is also one of its only valleys visible without a boat, helicopter or hiking shoes. Drive beyond Waimea Canyon State Park, into the mists of Kokee State Park and you’ll find the dazzling view you see above of the back end of Kalalau Valley. Exploring the valley firsthand, however, takes some extra effort: kayak or boat tours if you wish to sink your toes into the white sands of Kalalau Beach by sea; or if hiking in, sturdy hiking shoes, an overnight camping permit and the stamina to traverse 11 unforgiving miles on the Napali Coast Trail. Though seemingly pristine, the valley floor was once home to large acreages of loi kalo, or irrigated wetland taro fields, farmed by early 

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