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Top 5 favorite Hawaii valleys: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results


Iao Valley

(Wailuku, Maui)

Iao Valley is a wonder of nature’s unshakable forces—its narrow stream-cut floor and towering, foliage-filled cliffs crafted by eons of rainfall and erosion of the surrounding West Maui Mountains. The valley’s most famous and easily seen natural landmark is Kukaemoku, better known as Iao Needle—a vegetation-covered lava pinnacle created by streams, which have cut down the rock surrounding it. Much visited Iao State Park offers the best views of Iao Needle and a glimpse of the central Maui agricultural land made fertile by rich volcanic soil and water carried by Iao Stream. Hikers following the stream deeper into Iao Valley will find its walls opening up into the large eroded caldera of the West Maui mountain peak Puu Kukui, a watershed and private nature preserve closed to the public.

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