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HAWAII Magazine’s "75 Places to Eat Like A Local": Noodles

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As we see it, here's the way to go at this Waikiki noodle house: Pick something off the menu. Get your companion to order it. You slurp up a bowl of tender, sliced duck and housemade soba in rich broth, once of our favorite noodle dishes ever. Win-win.

255 Beach Walk, Waikiki, Oahu • (808) 926-0255

Sam Sato's

Perhaps you've read the whole story on this family-run restaurant's most famous contribution to Maui cuisine: dry mein. (The story's also in our 2013 Food Issue.) Now wing on over to Maui and into Wailuku town for the best darn version of this Maui comfort food favorite you'll ever have. Make sure to pick up some manju and baked turnovers from Sam Sato's bakery, too.

1750 Wili Pa Loop, Wailuku, Maui • (808) 244-7124 •

Hamura Saimin

Many locals say there's no better bowl of saimin—the classic, born-in-Hawaii noodle soup composed of simple dash (broth) and spare garnishes—than at this hallowed, humble hole-in-the-wall eatery in the heart of Lihue on Kauai. Some argue the secret's in the clear, lightly fishy broth. Others say it's all about the thin, firm housemade noodles, made fresh daily. We don't argue. We just eat.

2956 Kress St., Lihue, Kauai • (808) 245-3271 •Website

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Photos: Nina Kuna (pg. 1, top), Derek Paiva (pg. 1, bottom)

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