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Top 5 favorite scenic spots on Kauai: HAWAII Magazine facebook poll results


No. 4


Situated on a remote stretch of Kauai’s western end and bordered to the north by the west end of the legendary Napali Cliffs, Polihale Beach features a 7-miles stretch of white sand beach. Sand dunes along the beach can reach heights of nearly 100 feet. From the beach area, which is known for frequent hot and cloudless weather, you can see Niihau. A rutted dirt road leads to 140-acre Polihale State Park, which includes picnic shelters and a camping area. No lifeguards. (The shoreline water level drops rapidly, and rip currents are especially strong during winter months.) The park is located to the north of the Pacific Range Facility. Road access to Polihale  Beach is from the town of Kekeha.

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