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Top 5 favorite Hawaii snacks: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

We’ve counted all of the votes from our latest HAWAII Magazine Facebook Ohana poll question: What’s your favorite Hawaii snack? Your hundreds of responses ranged from healthful papaya, apple bananas, and fresh mango to deliciously decadent chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and haupia pie. Among the vote-getters on the salty and savory side: assorted manapuas, musubis, taro-and-sweet potato chips as well as Maui onion chips. Yum!

The top five vote-getters are on the pages ahead. Mahalo for sharing your picks!

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We’ll be posting our next poll question on HAWAII Magazine’s Facebook page in the days ahead, so join soon if you haven’t yet. OK, now, here we go. Here’s the top five countdown of our Facebook ohana’s favorite Hawaii snacks.

No. 5


Hawaii-style shave ice is served up as a fluffy, snow-like ice that absorbs syrup instead of allowing it to settle at the bottom of the cone. It’s famous for its fine texture as well as the multitude of syrup flavors and presentation variations vendors here are forever crafting. Among the longtime favorites: lilikoi, pineapple, green tea, coconut and strawberry syrups. Real-deal shave ice shops offer the option of burying a scoop of ice cream under the shave ice. Also on the real-deal menu: azuki beans. Mashed into a chunky paste, azuki beans are scooped into the center of the shave ice cone for an extra kick of sweetness midway through the treat. For details about other add-ons, such as a “snow cap” of sweetened condensed milk, mocha balls and li hing powder, click here.

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