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Top 5 favorite Hawaii snacks: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results

No. 4


These days, picking up a pack of macadamia nuts is an increasingly complicated snack task. The choices just keep growing. For the purist, there’s always roasted and lightly salted varieties. For the snacker with a sweet tooth, honey-roasted, chocolate- and toffee-covered, and other options. For anyone up for something with a bit more zing, there’s onion and garlic, barbeque, wasabi, and Kona coffee-dusted. Why does Hawaii have a world-class macadamia nut crop? The combination of rich volcanic soil and ample rainfall are key in the successful production. The macadamia tree, which originated in Australia, arrived in Hawaii in 1881. Close to a century later, some Hawaii sugar plantations were reworked as macadamia nut plantations.

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