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Top 5 favorite Hawaii snacks: HAWAII Magazine Facebook poll results



Our Facebook ohana voted the ever-tempting malasada as top pick for favorite Hawaii snack. In Hawaii, Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is also known as Malasada Day. It's easy to understand why. On that annual day of indulgence before the Christian season Lent, which stresses reflection and restraint, the lines are especially long at bakeries making the traditional Portuguese confection—a ball of sweet yeast dough, deep fried gold then coasted with sugar. Many members of our HAWAII Magazine Facebook ohana expressed a fondness for malasadas from Honolulu’s Leonard’s Bakery, but you’ll find the treat statewide. Some like ‘em filled with everything from sweet custard to haupia to lilikoi (passion fruit) creams. Malasadas taste especially good after a swim, snorkeling session or any sort of calorie-burning exercise or athleticism. A few years ago, the Honolulu Marathon’s organizers started serving up fluffy malasadas at the finish line for more than 20,000 runners completing the 26.2-mile course. Yum!

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