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Top 5 favorite Hawaii plate lunch foods


Teri beef and chicken. Beef stew. Garlic shrimp. Macaroni salad. Meat jun. Lomi salmon. Shoyu chicken. And yes, even Spam.

These are just a few of the lip-smacking edibles that got lots of votes but DIDN'T make the final Top 5 cut when we asked our HAWAII Magazine Facebook Ohana: "What's your favorite Hawaii plate lunch food or menu item?"

Hundreds of you voted, in the process getting us so hungry for the tasty multicultural mix of foods that grace Hawaii's world-famous two-scoops rice and macaroni salad plate lunches, we were able to plan out our lunch hours ahead of time for the next couple of weeks.

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We’ll be posting our next Ohana Poll question on HAWAII Magazine’s Facebook page in the days ahead, so join soon if you haven’t yet.

Until then, here’s the Top 5 countdown of our Facebook ohana’s favorite Hawaii plate lunch foods and menu items.



It’s not all that difficult to figure out why laulau has endured as a favorite Hawaii dish for centuries. Besides its savory, uniquely Hawaiian taste, it’s also, arguably, Hawaii’s first real mixed plate. Laulau is a complete meal—pork, chicken or beef, salted butterfish and taro leaves wrapped in ti leaves and steamed. (In pre-contact times, it was cooked in an imu, a Hawaiian undeground oven) Served piping hot when every ingredient within the ti leaves is cooked to tender, salt-kissed perfection, laulau done right is Hawaiian food nirvana.

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