Island Dispatch
Late last year, I got the itch to shape a surfboard, by hand. This was my experience.
The row of banyan trees planted by local, state and national celebrities has come to be known as Hilo’s Living Hall of Fame.
On first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but this little waterway holds a fascinating secret.
A new ukulele player finds the instrument inspires creativity and experimentation.
The beautiful Kauai town bounces back after a flood, attracting visitors once again.
No, the entire island of Hawaii isn’t on fire, and yes, it’s still quite nice.
A newcomer to Hana finds the road to be a relaxing drive.
Look toward the light inside this Big Island cave at Kalahuipuaa Historical Park and people say you might see your aura.
Crack Seed Store
One writer thinks back to his youth, while eating the salty, sweet and sour preserved plum powder.
naha stone
King Kamehameha the Great, who conquered the Hawaiian Islands, was believed to have overturned this famous rock.


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