Heading back down the trail on the Kuliʻouʻou Ridge Hike on Oʻahu.

Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

Take a Hike in Hawaiʻi Today—and Everyday

On National Take a Hike Day, we rounded up some of our favorite stories on hiking in the Islands.

One thing everyone on the HAWAIʻI Magazine team has in common?

(I mean, besides enjoying a hot malasada or plate lunch after a day at the beach.)

We all love to be outdoors—whether that’s surfing fun south shore swells or trekking along one of the dozens of hiking trails across the state.

While Hawaiʻi may be best known for its sandy beaches, the Islands boast some of the most beautiful and diverse trails around. You can walk across coastal dunes, through rainforests and along sheer cliffs. And because Hawaiʻi is isolated by more than 2,000 miles from the nearest landmass, you can see endemic species of native plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.

Since today is National Take a Hike Day—or National Hiking Day—we decided to gather some of our favorite (and useful) stories about hiking in the Islands—for today and the next time you visit!

(Note: Some of the information in these stories may have changed due to COVID-19.)

Looking down at Pololū Beach on Hawaiʻi Island's Hāmākua Coast.
Photo: MNStudio/Getty Images

Happy Hiking!