Lt. Gov. Josh Green calls for the suspension of all non-essential travel to Hawaiʻi.

Photo: Getty Images

WATCH: Coronavirus Updates with Hawaiʻi Lt. Gov. Josh Green

Green, an ER doctor, calls for a suspension all non-essential travel to the Islands and the closure of schools through April.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green spared five minutes with the HAWAIʻI Magazine team Thursday morning to discuss the fast-spreading COVID-19 in Hawaiʻi. (Green is also a practicing emergency room doctor on Hawaiʻi Island.)

Some highlights:

  • There are more than two dozen confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Hawaiʻi—and it’s rising.
  • Private testing for COVID-19 is about to start.
  • He believes Hawaiʻi should stop all non-essential travel to Hawaiʻi, adding the state should mandate a two-week quarantine for anyone entering the Islands and all passengers should be screened.
  • He says businesses and schools should be closed until April 30 to prevent a mass outbreak.
  • People should avoid groups of more than 10 people, though going to the beach or parks should be OK as long as you are six feet apart from others.