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Mokulele Airlines

Island: All Islands, Maui, Molokaʻi, Island of Hawaiʻi
Address: Mokulele Airlines, PO Box 4409 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745
Phone Number: (808) 495-4188
Category: All, Transportation

As Hawai‘i’s favorite island hopper, Mokulele Airlines provide a unique and special service that is designed to ensure all passengers are truly captivated by their flight experience. Mokulele’s mission is to enhance your appreciation of the island chain’s incredible natural beauty and inspire you to see more of Hawaii!
Mokulele Airlines has recently expanded it­s offering and is booking Flightseeing Air Tours. We are now flying adventure-seekers departing from Kapalua in west Maui and Kahului in east Maui with the opportunity to see what we love most about Hawaii. Mokulele Air Tours includes a flight to circle the Big Island of Hawaii as well as a Molokai Sea Cliffs adventure. We invite you to see the Kilauea lava flow, the towering sea cliffs, the waterfalls, and the amazing sights that would otherwise be remote and inaccessible terrain.
Mokulele provides a more convenient and reliable way to get you to your desired destination. Mokulele Airlines takes great pride in providing you with the quality, excellence, and overall reliability you deserve from an air travel provider.

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