Hawi was great! What about Lanai?

HawaiiMagazine.com reader Ashley Rath, halfway around the world in Hertfordshire, England, made my morning.

Ashley wrote:

Aloha Derek!

The slideshow you posted this weekend of John Heckathorn’s and David Croxford’s visit to Hawi on Hawaii’s Big Island was, in a word, gorgeous.

It was just what I needed on yet another rainy Saturday afternoon in England. The photos were so grand and detailed, I felt as if I were right there with the boys.

I didn’t know Hawi existed the last time I visited the Big Island. Thanks to you, I won’t miss this lovely piece of “Hidden Hawaii” the next time I go.

One question though. Do you have any more photos to share of your trip to Lanai besides the ones you posted in April? I loved your video of Polihua Beach—what I would give to sit there for an afternoon, as well. But I’d love to see a slideshow with more of your photos from Lanai—another “Hidden Hawaii” gem.

Mahalo for your comments, Ashley. I’m a fan of our Hawi slideshow, too. I was born and raised on the Big Island, but I’d never seen the Hawi that John and David captured. The view from the ridge of Pololu Valley was always worth a trip from Hilo. But the biggest business in Hawi and Kapaau the last time I visited a decade ago was a kimchee factory. (Good kimchee, but still …)

The photos John and David brought back impressed me so much, I made sure to revisit Hawi and Kapaau on a Big Island trip a couple of weeks ago. It really was as charming and bustling with activity as “the boys” said.

But you asked about my April visit to Lanai. I’m happy to report I do have more photos to share. And since you asked, here they are.

Click on the slideshow screen for larger photos.

You can read more about my driving tour of the beaches of Lanai in the July/August 2008 issue of HAWAII Magazine—available now at bookstores and newsstands, by print subscription, and in a digital version you can download now.