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Hawaiian, Mokulele, go! launch competing Hawaii interisland airfare deals

Hawaiian_Mokulele_Go_Airlines_Hawaii_interislandCue up Sinatra crooning "Come Fly With Me" and check out these Hawaii airfare deals!

Even as summer travel season comes to an end, yet another skirmish in the Hawaii interisland airfare war is sure to keep the heat up in September.

This week, Hawaii-based air carriers Hawaiian Airlines, Mokulele Airlines and go! each announced deals on September travel aimed at luring island hoppers aboard their flights instead of the competition's.

The choices are intriguing enough. Book a la carte flights with Hawaiian Airlines or go! for $24.99 each one-way. Or opt for a winged buffet from Mokulele Airlines—all the interisland flights you can handle during the month of September for $299 total.

Here are the deal breakdowns by air carrier, in order of who flew in with its deal first:

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