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HAWAII Magazine guide to getting to and staying on Molokai

Molokai_visitor_guideHAWAII Magazine reader Paul Zaludek of Toronto, Canada wrote to us with some questions about traveling to the beautiful, yet little-visited Hawaiian Island of Molokai:

In spring of 2010 we plan to spend three weeks on Maui and, if practical, also spend three days on Molokai. We have several questions:

1.    Can we fly to Molokai from Maui? What airline(s) and how much does it cost?

2.    Are there hotels on Molokai that allow us to book two-night stays?

3.    What car rental agencies operate at the Molokai Airport?

You ask. We answer.

Molokai has long been known for its quiet, old-world Hawaii feel. Residents are even proud of the fact that you’ll find no traffic lights on the entire island. So it makes sense that options are somewhat limited for travelers interested in visiting.

Still, we pulled together some information Paul and other readers planning a visit to the Friendly Isle will appreciate.  

Click the next two pages for our tips for getting to and staying on Molokai:

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