13 Hawaiʻi-Inspired Pineapple Products That You’ll Love

These local products will make you feel pine.
Photo: Getty Images
Creative pineapple looking up with sunglasses and shell isolated on yellow background, summer vacation beach idea design pattern, copy space close up

Who doesn’t love pineapples?

Here are 13 ways to show your love for the edible bromeliad—and yes, you can buy most of these items online. No trip to Hawaiʻi necessary.

Photo: Aaron K. Yoshino

1. Pineapple swaddle blanket, Coco Moon $24, cocomoonhawaii.com

2. Blue art print, Nico Made, $24, nicomade.com

3. Button-down top, Roberta Oaks, $98, robertaoaks.com

4. Gold enamel phone ring, Eden in Love, $9.99, edeninlove.com

5. Salt and pepper shakers, Holoholo Market, $10.49, Waikīkī

6. Pineapple fold-over clutch, SOHA Living, $18.80, sohaliving.com 

7. Modern kid’s shirt, Chief Kids Hawai‘i, $34, littlechiefshawaii.squarespace.com

8. Pineapple-scented lip balm, SOHA Living, $5.80, sohaliving.com

9. Gold accessories, Tidepool Love, $28 and up, tidepoolhawaii.com

10. Juicy fruit chews, SOHA Living, $6.80, sohaliving.com 

11. Pink serving plate, SOHA Living, $28.80, sohaliving.com

12. Cookies, Honolulu Cookie Co., $11.95, honolulucookie.com

13. Stress ball, Eden in Love, $5.95, edeninlove.com 

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