18 Hawaii problems people from the Islands will totally understand

Frizzy hair, traffic and surprise rain-showers are just a few daily nightmares Hawaii locals have to wrestle with.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows here in Hawaii. Just like any other state, we’ve got our own fair share of problems, with the exorbitant price of milk, constant humidity and an overabundance of sand being just a few of the daily struggles residents have to face. Here are a few problems locals and longtime residents have come to know intimately. 

1. Having to play tour guide for your visiting friends and family.


2. You’re cold, but it’s only 68 degrees so you can’t even complain about it. 


3. Sweating while performing mundane tasks, such as walking, breathing and, really, just living. 


4. Milk is, like, a billion dollars.


5. Road trips are more like brief car adventures that will bring you back home before dinnertime. 


6. Two-day shipping is a myth.


7. There’s a mini-beach on the floor mat of your car.


8. When someone asks you if “You like beef?” but you’re a chicken.


9. Winning a vacation to Hawaii.


10. Trying to drive anywhere and running into roadwork, traffic or a lane closure. 


11. Humidity dictates whether or not you’re going to have a bad hair day. 


12. Going anywhere that’s not interisland is a costly endeavour.


13. Living near beautiful beaches and hikes, but having to go to work. 


14. Constantly having to straddle the line between being fashionable and overdressed. 


15. Having to answer cringeworthy questions like these.


16. Surprise! Rain!


17. Having so many aunties and uncles that you don’t know who you’re actually related to.


18. Getting to the beach and realizing you forgot to bring a towel.

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