20 things in Hawaii to be thankful for

Let's count our beautiful blessings.
hawaii hawaiian islands

You know the phrase: Lucky we live Hawaii. Here are a number of things that make us feel blessed to call any of the Hawaiian Islands home.

1. Nearly 365-days of amazing weather

The Windward Oahu coast.
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine

How’s the weather gonna be tomorrow? A beautiful 81 degrees, as per usual.


2. Surfing

hawaii surfing

Hawaii is the birthplace of modern surfing and can be enjoyed year round.


3. Beaches

north shore oahu
Sunset Beach, Oahu.
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine

Hawaii beaches top the lists of the world’s best beaches every year. Plus, no matter where you’re at, the beach is never more then 30 minutes away. And, they come in so many colors.


4. The Aloha Spirit

north shore kauai
North Shore of Kauai.
Photo: HTA/Tor Johnson

It’s a real, all encompassing thing.


5. Poke

poke hawaii
Poke from Tamura’s Market.
Photo: Tamura’s/Instagram

Fresh from our seas, you’ll find the best poke at supermarkets and five-star restaurants.


6. Shave Ice

shave ice hawaii
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine

All natural, locally sourced syrups poured over the finest shaved ice. This frozen treat is a way of life. Even President Obama can’t resist.

7. Island Time

hawaii north shore oahu
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine

No need hurry.


8. Ukulele

ukulele hawaii
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine

It’s the sound the Islands make.


9. Technicolor sunsets. And sunrises.

makapuu oahu
Sunrise over Makapuu.
Photo: Jai Mansson/Flickr

We’re spoiled with Instagram-perfect vistas every time the sun sets, and rises.


10. Malasadas

The airy and sugar-covered doughy delight that can be eaten anytime, anywhere.


11. Tropical flora

hibiscus hawaii

Just step outside and you can see—and smell—plumeria, birds of paradise, heliconia, pikake, hibiscus.


12. Hawaii Regional Cuisine

ahi bruschetta
Ahi Bruschetta from Honu Seafood and Pizza.
Photo: Steve Czerniak/HAWAIʻI Magazine

Hawaii has its own food movement based on utilizing local ingredients and the fusion of our diverse ethnic culinary influences.


13. Hula

hula merrie monarch
Hula at the Merrie Monarch Festival.
Photo: Uʻilani Friedman

Whether it’s at a backyard get-together or the intense competitions of the annual Merrie Monarch Festival, the vibrant traditions of hula are thriving.


14. Rainbows

hawaii rainbows

Making our sky colorful on a daily basis.


15. Shakas when we drive

Sure, we may get stuck in gridlock traffic, but when you let someone in, they throw you a shaka.


16. Spam

spam hawaii
Photo: Matthew Dekneef

We love Spam so much we have devoted an annual festival to the canned meat.


17. Outdoor lifestyle

hawaii big island

Hawaii is an adventurers’ paradise: Surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddling, hiking, biking, camping. You get the picture.


18. Loco Moco

loco moco hawaii
Photo: Matthew Dekneef

Classic local comfort food that has all of the things we love in one dish: rice, meat and perfectly fried eggs, all slathered in rich gravy.


19. Aloha shirts

aloha shirts reyn spooner
Photo courtesy: Reyn Spooner

The iconic aloha shirt has undergone a rebirth at the hands of local designers. Hawaii designers have pushed the boundaries of both men’s and women’s fashion.


20. Diversity

Hawaii is the most diverse state in the nation.

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