6 New Coffee Products That Will Make You Fiend For Caffeine

From chocolate-covered coffee beans to a giant cookie studded with Kona coffee beans, these treats are great for a midday pick-me-up.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

Hawaii knows coffee, and these six new coffee products—some using Kona’s exclusive java—will give you another, sweeter way to get your caffeine fix.

1. Kona Coffee Leaf Tea, Hawaiian Ola

This tasty drink combines two things we love: tea and coffee. Brewed from lightly caffeinated Arabica coffee leaves harvested in Kona, Hawaiian Ola’s unique coffee-leaf tea has more antioxidants than green tea or traditionally brewed coffee. Not to mention the leaves are sustainably harvested during the regular pruning of mature coffee trees, reducing waste and giving coffee farmers a secondary crop. Hawaiian Ola produces two flavors of tea: lemongrass-mint and tulsi berry. $22 for 8 cans, hawaiianola.com

2. Single-Serve Drip Coffee Pouches, Lion Coffee

The iconic Hawaii-based coffee company recently released new single-serve coffee bags that are so easy to use. Just rest the bag—really a filter filled with freshly ground, 100 percent Arabica coffee—over your favorite mug and pour hot water over it. In no time you’ll have freshly brewed coffee without any brewing equipment. The drip coffee pouches come in two varieties: original roast and vanilla-macadamia. $9.95 for five pouches, hawaiicoffeecompany.com

3. Kona Coffee Macadamia Nuts, The Kahala Hotel & Resort

The luxe resort on Oahu offers locally made chocolate-covered macadamia nuts that are ridiculously addictive. New to the list of flavors—which includes dark and milk chocolate and blonde (with caramel)—is Kona coffee. It started as a seasonal flavor but was so popular, the hotel decided to put it into rotation last month. $30 for half a pound, (808) 739-8907, kahalaresort.com/experiences/gift-cards

4. Dark Chocolate Kona Coffee Beans, Big Island Candies

These chocolate-covered coffee beans prove that coffee really can be a snack, too. One bite of these candies from the famed Hilo-based company and you’ll get hit with a crunchy, intensely bold flavor of Kona coffee, tempered with deep dark chocolate. Perfect for java junkies who are chocoholics, too. $12.75 for a 5.5-ounce bag, bigislandcandies.com

5. Kona Coffee Espresso, Maui Cookie Lady

If these cookies are good enough for The Rock and Ludacris, they’re good enough for us. And Maui Cookie Lady’s Kona Coffee Espresso artisan cookie has everything you could want: peaberry Kona beans, rich Valrhona cocoa and a touch of Hawaiian sea salt. The perfect midafternoon pick-me-up snack at the office, for sure. $49 for four, mauicookielady.com

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6. Coffee Cake Bomb, Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery

The only item on this list you can’t order online—but are worth mentioning—are the mini bundt cakes, called cake bombs, from Pipeline Bakeshop & Creamery in Kaimuki on Oahu. This quaint neighborhood bakery, which actually specializes in malassadas and scratch-made ice cream, also found a following with these small cakes. The coffee one features a light glaze made with Hawaii-grown coffee—and it’s small enough you don’t have to share. $3.50 each, pipelinebakeshop.com

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