These local shops and stands left a sweet taste in the mouths of those who voted in our 2017 Readers' Choice Awards.
maui haleakala best extreme tours
By land, sea or sky, these companies gave you the best adventures on The Valley Isle.
You voted these classic cocktails the best at capturing the magical ambience of the Islands, in our 2017 Readers' Choice Awards.
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Here's this year's ranking of the best Hawaiian Islands to visit, according to our 2017 Readers' Choice Awards.
In our 2017 HAWAIʻI Magazine Readers' Choice Awards, travelers rank their favorite communities in the Islands.
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According to our 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards, here is the ranking for Best Beach in Hawaii.
The best celebration events of culture, food and entertainment in the Islands, as voted by HAWAIʻI Magazine readers.
You came. You ate. You voted. Here’s how travelers ranked the Islands' top restaurants in the 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards.


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