Cold outside already? Warm up with these Hawaii airfare deals


One-way flights between California and Maui for $139? Round-trip flights between Seattle and Oahu as low as $318?

If you can squeeze in a pre-Christmas, pre-New Year holiday vacation in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines are posting flight deals you should know about. But you’ll have to book right away.

Here are the deals …


Alaska Airlines’ “Hawaii 2-Day Sale”

You read that right. Two days.

Alaska Airlines is offering one-way flight deals from eight Mainland cities to Oahu, Maui and the Big Island for as low as $139. The catch? You have today and tomorrow to book the fare deals, for travel between Dec. 1, and Dec. 15, 2010.

Among the one-way fare deals, posted on Alaska Airlines’ website:

• San Jose, Calif. – Kona, Big Island            $139

• San Jose, Calif. – Kahului, Big Island        $139

• Oakland, Calif. – Kona, Big Island            $139

• Oakland, Calif. – Kahului, Maui            $139

• San Diego, Calif. – Kahului, Maui            $139

• Sacramento, Calif. – Kahului, Maui            $139

• Anchorage, Alaska – Honolulu, Oahu        $149

• Fairbanks, Alaska – Honolulu, Oahu        $199

• Juneau, Alaska – Honolulu, Oahu            $199

• Kodiak, Alaska – Honolulu, Oahu            $199

Seats are limited. For reservations and ticket purchase, terms and conditions, visit Alaska Airlines “Hawaii 2-Day Sale” web page.



Hawaiian Airlines “Travel More Spend Less” Sale

You have a bit more time to book Hawaiian Airlines’ round-trip flight deals from 10 Mainland cities it serves to Oahu and Maui. Deals here start from $318 for flights between Seattle and Kahului, Maui and Honolulu, Oahu, and you have until Mon., Nov. 22, 2010, to book your reservation. Travel dates for the deal are from Dec. 3 to Dec. 15, 2010.

Here’s the list of flights and “as low as” round-trip fares:

• Seattle, Wash. – Honolulu, Oahu            $318

• Seattle, Wash. – Kahului, Maui            $318

• Oakland, Calif. – Honolulu, Oahu            $328

• Phoenix, Ariz. – Honolulu, Oahu            $328

• Portland, Ore. – Honolulu, Oahu            $328

• San Francisco, Calif. – Honolulu, Oahu        $328

• San Jose, Calif. – Honolulu, Oahu            $328

• Portland, Ore. – Kahului, Maui            $328

• Los Angeles, Calif. – Honolulu, Oahu        $358

• Las Vegas, Nev. – Honolulu, Oahu            $388

• Sacremento, Calif. – Honolulu, Oahu        $388

• Las Vegas, Nev. – Kahului, Maui            $388

• San Diego, Calif. – Honolulu, Oahu            $418

Seats are limited for these flights, as well. For reservations and ticket purchase, terms and conditions, visit Hawaiian Airlines “Travel More Spend Less” web page.

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