Peahi was blessed with a large swell and ideal wind conditions earlier this week. 

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9 Peahi waves you have to see to believe

One of Hawaii's premier big wave spots, Peahi, also referred to as Jaws, went off earlier this week on Maui.

Over the past few days, Peahi, which is more commonly referred to as Jaws, on Maui's north shore has seen waves of epic proportions. Thanks to the spot's unique underwater landscape, Peahi can see waves reaching up to 60 feet, and only the best in the world of big wave surfing can handle these kinds of conditions.

Fortunately for all of us, we're able to watch these athletes—men and women—charge straight into these waves. Every year, the World Surf League puts on the Peahi Challenge when the waves get large enough, bringing together these big wave surfers into organized heats and streaming it for the world to watch.

Here are just a few select waves you need to see to believe. 

1. Kai Lenny gets one of the biggest barrels of the event


2. Alex Botelho takes one of the heaviest wipeouts of the day


3. Maui's own Albee Layer standing tall in a spitting tube


4. Kai Lenny tags the lip and then makes a steep airdrop



5. Andrea Moller makes this sketchy drop but loses it last second in the women's heat, which was won by Keala Kennedy


6. Event winner, Billy Kemper, packs it into a throaty barrel in his first heat


7. This wave catches everyone off-guard and steamrolls the surfers caught inside


8. Kai Lenny continues to up the level of big wave surfing by getting barreled and then doing an aerial maneuver 


9. Trevor Carlson freefalls after getting held up on the lip of this giant wave