Download these scenic Hawaii wallpapers for your phone

Be reminded of the beauty of the Islands every time you glance at your screen.

From Hawaii Island to Kauai, you can’t escape the picturesque wonder of the Islands—and now neither can your smartphone. 

These city and country landscapes showcase the unbridled allure of its historic valleys, serene beaches, and, of course, stunning sunsets. To download onto your iPhone, press down on the image and hold until the prompt “Save Image” shows up on your screen. If you’re on your desktop, right click and choose “Save Image As” then transfer to your handheld device.

Kahala, Oahu

kahala hawaii
Photo: Matthew Dekneef/HAWAIʻI Magazine


Keanae, Maui

keanae maui
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine


Kaanapali, Maui

hawaii wallpapers
Photo: Ethan Robertson


Hawaii Kai, Oahu

hawaii kai
Photo: Delfi De La Rue


Pololu Valley, Hawaii Island

pololu valley
Photo: Sergey Subbotin/Flickr


Paia, Maui

paia maui
Photo: Luca Bravo


Napali Coast, Kauai

Photo: Jakob Owens


Waikiki, Oahu

waikiki wallpaper
Photo: Marisa Buhr


Hana, Maui

hana maui
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine


Honolulu, Oahu

waikiki honolulu oahu
Photo: Jack Wolford/HAWAIʻI Magazine


Pahoa, Hawaii Island

big island hawaii
Photo: Jack Wolford/HAWAIʻI Magazine


West Maui, Maui

west maui
Photo: David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine


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