Education, adventure, and a taste of coffee culture, island style

One of Kauai’s most attractive and intriguing destinations is the Kauai Coffee Estate.
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Kauai is home to incredible culture, adventure, and passion that we felt with just one visit. With a growing list of places to see and adventures to conquer, the Island of Kauai never has a dull moment.  Just along the shimmering landscape of Kauai’s southwest coastline is one of the island’s most attractive and intriguing destinations: The Kauai Coffee Estate. One step onto the estate and we were immersed in beauty and the unique coffee culture that floods the island. The 3,000 acre farm is home to over four million coffee trees that produce some of the most delicious 100 percent Hawaiian coffee we’ve ever tasted. 

kauai coffee

At the beginning of our journey, we stopped at the Visitor Center where we were greeted with a breathtaking landscape and our choice of over 20 freshly roasted and brewed coffees. I chose the Estate Reserve Peaberry, which was radiant and smooth from the first to last sip. My husband chose the local favorite, Hawaiian Coconut Caramel Crunch. He was blown away by the rich, sweet, and light flavor so much that he enjoyed it without cream or sugar!

You might think that a coffee estate is only enjoyable for those who drink coffee, but Kauai Coffee offers something fun for everyone – even children. We browsed the Kauai Coffee website before our trip, and saw they offered a scavenger hunt that was both fun and educational. Our niece and nephew enrolled the family and printed out the instructions for our hunt the next day. The hunt took us on an adventure around the entire island of Kauai, with us stopping to take photos of everything from the locals to the landscape.  We ended the hunt at the Visitor Center on the Estate where we were treated to lunch with some friendly members of the Kauai Coffee team.  As an added bonus, we were given a free bag of Kauai coffee just for completing the scavenger hunt.

visitor center
The Visitor’s Center and gift shop. 

The scavenger hunt led us to wanting more information about the coffee and the estate, so we booked a “Coffee on the Brain” walking tour.  With every step, our tour guide taught us how the coffee is sustainably grown and manufactured from seed to cup. They also shared the various brewing methods we could use at home – French press, Chemex, pour over, drip, Moka pots and even cold brew. I made sure to pick up the different roasts of Kauai coffee to try with these new brewing methods.  As if the tour and scenery weren’t enough, we were given the opportunity to watch roast masters craft batches of fresh coffee beans.

coffee flower
Coffee flowers. 

The day was packed full of adventurous and educational activities, complete with a gorgeous view of the Pacific shore.  For coffee lovers and adventurers alike, a trip to the illustrious Kauai Coffee Estate should be at the top of your list. From the very first step on the walking tour, our entire family was completely enthralled in all the coffee estate had to offer. From the scent of the coffee brewing in the Visitor Center to the friendly faces of those hard at work growing and producing the coffee, Kauai’s warm and exciting passion for coffee is most evident at the Kauai Coffee Estate. 

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