Live Nude Kona Coffee Farmers!

Coffee Kim

Hawaii coffee farmers have bared it all for their love of pure Kona Coffee. 

A new 2009 calendar called “The Naked Truth” features 11 women farmers with decades of experience, getting naked while demonstrating the process of growing and harvesting Kona Coffee.

Shameless promotional stunt, you say? Yes.

The Kona Coffee Farmers Association wants to inform readers about authentic 100 percent Kona Coffee—and their objections to Kona Coffee Blends, which, while advertised as “Kona Coffee,” actually contain 90 percent beans from places like Brazil or Colombia. 

It’s an unconventional approach to raising our coffee awareness, but certainly got our attention.

For those of you who enjoy Kona Coffee (myself included), there are certain signs to look for when purchasing your next bag. To be considered authentic Kona Coffee, Hawaii’s labeling laws require the prominent display of the words “100 percent Kona Coffee” on the label.

Some retailers use terms like “Kona Roast,” or “Kona Style,” which are basically blends. While current Hawaii law requires the exact percentage of Kona Blends to be featured on the label, there is no corresponding Federal law, so keep your eyes wide open for the real stuff.

If you’d like to order The Naked Truth calendar or some pure Kona-grown coffee beans for yourself, click here.

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