Pacific & Asian Affairs Council

Pacific & Asian Affairs Council


To promote greater awareness and understanding of international affairs with special attention on engaging Hawaii’s youth to become leaders with a broader understanding of their place in the world.


PAAC’s programs introduce and spark dialogue about timely global issues that affect our state; nurture an understanding of Hawaii’s unique role in the Asia-Pacific region; develop 21st century skills and competencies in Hawaii’s youth; and strengthens people to people ties across nations.

Established in 1954, PAAC continues to be the only organization in Hawaii providing yearly programming to complement and enrich the curricula in secondary education regarding international affairs and global issues. As of 2018, over 90,000 students statewide have participated in our award-winning High School Global Education Program which empowers youth with greater awareness of global issues, leadership and critical thinking skills, and deeper cross-cultural understanding through non-traditional experiential learning. 

Programs Include:

  • After-School Classes
  • Clubs
  • Global Leadership Program
  • Global Vision Summits
  • Academic WorldQuest Competition
  • Study Tours and Scholarships
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Community Forums & Discussions
  • U.S. Dept. of State International Visitor Leadership Program


Learn how you can get involved and help Hawaii’s youth gain a greater awareness of global issues and effectively work across cultures at


Niki Shishido, Executive Director


Warren Luke, Chairman
C. Scott Wo, President
Ruth Limtiaco, Past President

Roland Lagareta, Vice President
Bryan Luke, Vice President

Lauren Moriarty, Vice President
Jean Rolles, Vice President
Scott Hayashi, Treasurer

Brandon Kurisu, Secretary

Christopher Abbott

Ryan Akamine

Bryan Andaya

Lynn Babington

David Bramlett

Jill Takasaki Canfield

Ralph Cossa

Kay Fukunaga

John Gotanda

Rosita Leong

Joyce Leung

John Morton

Daniel Piccuta

Joichi Saito

Charles Salmon, Jr.

Vivien Stackpole

Kenji Sumida

Arthur Tokin

Ray Tsuchiyama

Richard Vuylsteke

Alex Weinstein

Frank Wiercinski

Kim Yoshimoto


Judith Dawson

Brenda Lei Foster

Mitchell Imanaka

Robert Lees

Siegfried Ramler

Gerald Sumida

Pacific & Asian Affairs Council (PAAC)

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