SLIDESHOW: Makawao, Maui’s cowboy town


In the November/December 2009 issue of HAWAII Magazine, we take you, in words and pictures, to Makawao (pronounced Mah-kah-Wow!). It’s Maui’s historic cowboy town, filled with both horses and homegrown boutiques.

As always, we had more photos from HAWAII Magazine photographer David Croxford  than we could publish, so we’ve put together a slideshow tour of this fascinating, but not often seen part of Maui, exclusively for 

Take a look, both here and in the HAWAII Magazine print edition’s feature Hidden Hawaii: Stand Up for Makawao: You’ll meet some real paniolos—as we call our cowboys in Hawaii—plus some other fascinating folks, from glass blowers to asparagus farmers to sausage makers to bakers.

(Click on slideshow frame to enlarge photos.

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