Smart ideas for your Island home

Save time with these smart products and tips for your Island home.
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Cable Hookup
Modern and sleek, cable railing opens up the view plane from a deck, lanai or balcony. It’s ideally used with a complete metal rail system with custom bolts on metal railing posts, but it can be constructed with wood posts and hardwood caps. “Cable railing offers less maintenance, a cleaner look and longevity over traditional wood railing,” says Evan Fujimoto of Graham Builders. “It’s perfect for a ridge home with gorgeous views to show off.”


Design to Scale
Think of landscaping as an opportunity to beautify the front of the house with specific plants to give it curb appeal. For those with a turn-in garage or carport set back on their property, plant small trees or taller shrubs that match the size of the house, not only for beauty, but also for shading. For example, plant taller trees in front of a two-story home that’s close to the street. “When done properly, landscaping will reduce the scale of the dwelling so it doesn’t overwhelm the site,” says Evan Fujimoto of Graham Builders. “Don’t forget to mix and match different leaf shapes, sizes, colors and textures.”


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