The citrus solution to termite infestation


The red flag insect no Hawaii homeowner wants to hear is Drywood Termites. One of the most destructive insects in Hawaii, a Drywood Termite infestation can easily compromise the integrity and value of your home.

When most Hawaii homeowners hear they have a Drywood Termite issue immediate thoughts fly to the image of house-consuming, circus-tent fumigation treatments. Luckily, Kama`aina Termite & Pest Control now offers a safer, timely and equally effective alternative to ridding your home of Drywood Termites.

Extracted from the rinds of oranges, Orange Oil — whose primary active ingredient is d-limonene — targets specific locations in the home where the infestations are presenting.

“Think of fumigation like an atom bomb. It’s non-specific. Killing everything, and taking upwards of 4 to 5 weeks for completion. With Orange Oil its targeted to where the infestation is occurring,” says Kama`aina Termite general manager Mike Worden. “With Orange Oil you don’t have to move out… it’s non-toxic so you can actually be in the home while using it. It’s eco-friendly and really the only thing left behind is a scent of oranges for a few days.”

Drywood Termites typically infest one board at a time from the outside inward. Common signs of Drywood Termites are small droppings around doorframes and the base of homes, or around home areas where the occurrence of wood erosion is evident.


The first steps when utilizing Orange Oil treatment start with identification.

“We use a device called a Termatrac, which is literally radar for termites. Placing it against the wall gives us a picture of motion, heat and moisture behind the wall. That’s how we find out where the infestation is centered even if we can’t see the physical signs,” adds Worden.

Through a tiny, drilled hole, Kama`aina Termite professionals inject the oil directly into the compromised wood boards.

“Wood is quite porous so the oil soaks through all the way to where the termites are. Once the oil touches the termites they run and touch other termites. Orange Oil kills them quickly because the oil is highly acidic, eating through the outer layer of their skin.”

For the sale of a home in Hawaii a Termite Inspection Report (TIR) is often required. If you happen to fail a TIR, using a traditional fumigation treatment — that requires home preparation, bagging of clothes and furniture and a temporary move — can stall a sale and add frustration for seller, buyer and realtor.

Orange Oil can be used to clear a TIR for Drywood Termites because it is considered a Primary Treatment, meaning the whole structure is under warranty. Orange Oil treatments come with a standard 2-year warranty, with an option to extend up to 10 years.

With limited treatment types for Drywood Termite infestation in Hawaii, Orange Oil treatments are a simple and effective solution with an average completion rate of 2 to 3 days. Visit the next time you need a Termite Inspection Report or solutions on how to rid your home of those most destructive insects. To learn more about Orange Oil visit

Effective in the prevention of Drywood Termites, Orange Oil has the same positive results against a variety of beetles —including Wood-Boring Beetles — and Carpenter ants. 

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