The gifts HAWAII Staffers want this holiday season

hawaii gifts

Throughout the year at HAWAIʻI Magazine, we get to learn about a lot of cool, awesome Hawaii-inspired products and services. These are the ones we think you should know about this gift-giving season, not just for us, but the loved ones in your life who’ve also made The Nice List this year.

Slowtide beach towels

hawaii gifts beach towels slowtide

“I don’t think you can ever own too many beach towels. Especially when 90 percent of mine are just a plain color or generic stripes, it’d be cool to lay out on one that looks more like a modern painting.”

— Matthew Dekneef, digital media manager



Kahulalea clutch

hawaii gifts kahulalea clutch

“Hiking gear aside, what I’ve been wanting for a long time is a Kahulalea fold-over clutch, either from its Chapter Two or Tokyo Love Story collection. They’re made by using upcycled aloha wear and kimono fabrics. I love the ornately designed ones, but you can find a clutch that’s as simple or with as few colors as you like.”

— Christine Hitt, editor



Kyoté spiral earrings

hawaii gifts backstory kyote
Kyote Designs

“Like shoes, jewelry has to match the outfits you wear. Therefore, I would love to add some pieces of Kyoté jewelry to my accessory collection. These Made-in-Hawaii handcrafted modular creations can be changed-up each time a piece is worn — their BackStory aFloat piece is so unique!”

— Marche Kawai, senior account manager



Koa wood sunglasses

hawaii gifts koa sunglasses
Martin & MacArthur

“I have long coveted a classic koa wood rocker to pass down through the generations, but I would take anything from Martin & MacArthur, especially their all-koa Dylan sunglasses.”

— Loren Malenchek, account executive



Manaola heels

manaola stiletto
David Croxford/HAWAIʻI Magazine

“I love that Manaola Hawaii designs shoes now! Like the rest of the collections, they have the most meaningful patterns.”

— Sharon Spear, publisher


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