Wander through Honolulu’s magical new Light Garden at Victoria Ward Park

The high-tech LED art installation features thousands of flowers that pulse in time with music.

These flowers don’t bend and sway with the breeze, and they don’t add any fragrance to the tropical night air, but they’re no less mesmerizing as they pulse, fade and change colors in time with the music being played.

The “Light Garden, a 1,000-Year Bloom” installation by Symmetry Labs opens to the public on Friday, December 21, 2018 after its unveiling ceremony last weekend, and continues every evening until January 31. It’s located right next to Ward Entertainment Center in the Kakaako district of Honolulu, on land where a warehouse once stood. The free-of-charge, family-friendly garden, in the form of a short maze, boasts more than 25,000 LED lights in 2,300 floral 3D sculptures over 9,500 square feet.

Set against the backdrop of Honolulu’s city skyline, the glowing flowers form a maze-like path for spectators to walk through. 
Photo: Tracy Chan


Each flower is a high-tech little sculpture with LED lights inside. 
Photo: Tracy Chan


The Light Garden is highly Instagrammable, and a great spot to catch those unusual winter photos or selfies with friends and family of all ages.
Photo: Tracy Chan


A woman is silhouetted against the lights as she takes a selfie. 
Photo: Tracy Chan


The luminous flowers change color almost constantly as they react to the music. 
Photo: Tracy Chan


Symmetry Labs is the brainchild of artist and technologist Alexander Green. The San Francisco-based company specializes in mind-bending and extraordinary lighting displays. 


The garden lights up as night falls.
Photo: Tracy Chan

Light Garden at Victoria Ward Park
Open nightly through January 31, 2019, 980 Auahi St., Honolulu, Oahu, wardlightgarden.com.

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