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After 26 years, HAWAI‘I Magazine continues to be the state’s only national magazine. It is also the largest paid circulation magazine in the state.
HAWAI‘I Magazine reaches Hawai‘i enthusiasts locally, nationally and internationally.  With each bimonthly issue, HAWAI‘I provides insight into how to experience the best the Islands have to offer. The magazine helps readers plan for new vacations and fondly remember past ones. Through our stories, readers experience Hawai‘i in more depth, gaining an understanding of history culture and landscape.

HAWAI‘I Magazine is primarily subscriber based. We have 68,000 total paid subscribers, verified circulation, and single copy sales at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Longs Drugs, Costco, Safeway, Foodland, key airport locations and other retail outlets throughout the Mainland and Hawaii.

HAWAI‘I Magazine provides its more than 200,000 readers per issue with an intelligent and well-informed connection to the Islands. If you are planning a trip or simply reliving memories, HAWAI‘I Magazine will remind you why Hawai‘i is the most extraordinary place on earth and why once it enters your heart, it never leaves.

HAWAII Magazine readers are:

  • Hawaii Enthusiasts
    56% visited within past 12 months
    37% visit once a year
    59% visit once every other year
    14.4 days average length of stay
    67% plan to visit in next 12 months

  • Loyal Readers
    95% readers are subscribers
    5 year average as a subscriber
    2.2 hours avg. time reading an issue
    72% saved it for future reference

  • Active Consumers
    77% visited an advertiser's website
    65% purchased/ordered a product
    60% filed or kept ad for future
    45% contacted advertiser
    42% discussed ad with others
    28% passed ad along to others
    24% recommended a product/service

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