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Where to find great saimin on Maui

saimin_maui_hawaii_foodHAWAII Magazine reader Leanna Connelly emailed us from Green Valley, Arizona:

I know of a couple places on Kauai, but PLEASE tell me where I can find great  saimin on Maui.  Mahalo.
You ask, we answer.

With one major exception—which we will get to in a moment—we didn’t know where to get great saimin on Maui.  

We asked no less a personage than the dining editor of the Maui News, Carla Tracy, who said that with the decline of the old mom-and-pop outlets on the island, she wasn’t sure you could find great saimin on Maui.  She got hers at the health food store and doctored it herself.

But not wanting to let Leanna down, we did a lot of checking and came up with four possibilities:

Suda Seafood Deli, 30 Manao Kala St, Kihei, (808) 875-6600.  The landmark Suda Store closed in Kihei in 2003.  The good news: It’s been reopened by the same family at a new, nearby location.  The saimin is well-reputed, but many insist the noodles to eat here are chow fun.

Treats & Sweets, 1824 Oihana St., Wailuku, (808) 244-4170.  Treats & Sweets used to be a Dairy Queen and still looks like one.  Word is that Dairy Queen headquarters didn’t want them selling local food, like saimin, so they simply quit being a Dairy Queen and kept supplying Maui folks with what they liked to eat.

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