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"20 Things to Love About Hawaii Right Now": 3 classic hotels, newly remade

things_we_love_about_Hawaii_classic_hotels_remadeThe cover feature of HAWAII Magazine’s March/April 2010 issue is all about the “20 Things To Love About Hawaii Right Now.”

Among the list of things we currently love here in the Islands, you’ll find our favorite place to see the Hawaiian night sky without a multimillion-dollar telescope. A Big Island of Hawaii ocean industrial park providing some of the best deep sea-raised delicacies to celebrated restaurants statewide. A Hawaii big-wave surfer and water-sport stuntwoman who designed a line of Island-style swimwear that’s both fashionable and ready for any type of water activity.

You’ll find all “20 things” in HAWAII Magazine’s current issue, in bookstores and on newsstands nationwide … right now. You can also subscribe to HAWAII Magazine’s print edition by clicking here, or digital edition by clicking here.

Here on HawaiiMagazine.com, we’re hoping to whet your appetite for HAWAII Magazine's full print edition feature with a sneak peek at one of our “20 Things To Love About Hawaii Right Now”: A trio of classic Hawaii hotels, newly remade.

Click on the following pages for a look at each of the three hotels—each long ranked among the Islands’ most famous, each newly emerged from multimillion-dollar renovations. We’re happy each property pursued a redesign remaining true to its unique classic style while packing in modern amenities sure to entice travelers for years to come.

We begin our visit to each right here on Oahu ...

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