11 Hawaiʻi Tees You Will Absolutely Adore

Here are 11 T-shirts inspired by Hawaiʻi's unique sense of humor, matched with equally inspired designs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rainbow Drive-In

Sometimes you see a T-shirt so funny, so witty, that you can’t help but laugh.

And Hawaiʻi, in particular, has a lot of inside jokes that only locals and those who have spent their fair share of time in the Islands would understand. Here is a quick list of T-shirts, all made by local designers, who have found ways to mix and match Hawaiʻi humor with eye-catching designs.

Ala Wai Swim Tee

$28, clay.co

Photo: Courtesy of Claymore Minds

Everyone loves to poke fun at the Ala Wai Canal, an artificial waterway that borders Waikīkī and Ala Moana. And for good reason, as the water that runs through this canal is infamous for being a little, well, fishy. Yea, that’s the word. Fishy.

Love Will Taro Us Apart

$28, clay.co

Photo: Courtesy of Claymore Minds

Why wear band T-shirts when you can wear local parodies of band T-shirts.?

Hanabata Dayz T-Shirt

$28, morihawaii.com

Photo: Courtesy of Mori Hawaiʻi

Everybody wants to go back to those hanabata days, when the only thing on your mind was if you still had cup noodles at home and if the manapua man was going to show up under “da tree.” Instead, you can pick up this shirt, designed by Oʻahu-native Misty Okuda under her brand, Miotsi.

OK Shoots Den T-Shirt

$32, morihawaii.com

Photo: Mori Hawaiʻi

Why say “OK, shoots den,” when you can have a shirt that says it for you?

Dane Nakama Humid T-Shirt

$36, morihawaii.com

Photo: Mori Hawaiʻi

Rain makes rainbows—and we love that. It also makes the weather humid, sticky and all-around unpleasant, which we don’t love as much. But put that all together and you get a pretty rad shirt.

Gravy All Over T-Shirt

$21.95, rainbowtiki.com

Photo: Courtesy of Rainbow Drive-In

The folks at the iconic Rainbow Drive-In on Oʻahu didn’t have to think hard to make this shirt; it’s pretty much the thing they hear most when serving ʻono (delicious) plate lunches. Fair warning: If you order a plate lunch wearing this shirt, you’re likely getting exactly what’s printed. Gravy all over.

HiLife T-Shirt Beer & Juice

$28, hilifeclothing.com

Photo: Courtesy of HiLife Clothing Co.

The customary beach pau hana (after work) diet. Washing down a fresh poke bowl—maybe from Foodland, maybe from Tanioka’s—with a cold one is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Stay Cold Tee

$26, localmotionhawaii.com

Photo: Courtesy of Local Motion Hawaiʻi

Off-island visitors are always surprised when they learn what Hawaiʻi “cold” is. But hey, who can blame us? We were raised in balmy 80-degree weather, so when the temperature dips below 75 at night, it’s sweater weather. And if it gets under 70? That’s freezing.

Cheap Eats Tee

$26, localmotionhawaii.com

Photo: Courtesy of Local Motion Hawaiʻi

The swiss-army-knife of food, Spam musubi can be eaten “whenevas” and will probably fill you up. Thankfully, they’re also sold pretty much everywhere in Hawaiʻi, so you really can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You Had Me At Howzit Muscle Tank

$32, luckywelivehawaii.com

Photo: Courtesy of Lucky We Live Hawaiʻi

If Hawaiʻi had a singular pickup line, it would probably just be “howzit” with a dash of the googly eyes. If you’ve been smitten in such a way, then this muscle tank—we know, it’s technically not a T-shirt, but it’s close enough—is for you.

Donut Worry

$22, izzyandluke.com

Photo: Courtesy of Izzy and Luke

How could you worry with a ring of mochi donuts in hand? However, having a ring of those sweet, chewy treats with you at all times isn’t as realistic as we’d all like it to be. Fortunately, this absolutely adorable tee can fill the void in your stomach and your heart.

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