13 Hawaii-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Struggling on what to wear this Halloween? Don’t! We've got 13 Hawaii-related costume ideas for you.
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Photo: Elena Bragg

Halloween is upon us, which means it’s time to desperately figure out what you’re going to wear. If you’re fresh out of ideas and don’t want to put on the same cat ears headband from last year, check out some of these Hawaii-related Halloween costumes, which are likely to cause more laughs than gasps.

1. Overly Enthusiastic Visitor(s)

Photo: Getty Images

You can find everything you need for this costume at your local ABC Store. Pick out the brightest, loudest aloha attire you can find, don a pair of khaki shorts and tennis shoes then proceed to shaka anyone and everyone. If you’ve got a significant other or a few friends who want to join in, be sure to match prints and colors.

2. Spam Can 

If you don’t mind shelling out some cash, buying a Spam can costume ($45) from the brand’s official website is an easy get-up for Halloween. And don’t worry about getting weird looks: The product’s descriptions says, “You will be the hit of the party as you become a life-size SPAM® Can.”

3. The Cast of “North Shore”

You can’t go wrong with the cast of “North Shore.”

Rick, Chandler, Kiani, Turtle, Vince—the list of characters from the 1987 cult film goes on. Just grab a few surfboards, neon tank tops, boardshorts and bikinis, and you’re set. It helps if you’ve remembered a few choice quotes—and if you and your friends really want to go the extra mile, reenact a few clips, like this one.

4. The Rail

This costume—Honolulu’s urban rail rapid transit system, which is still under construction—will definitely require the largest budget—and don’t be surprised if you go way over. Construct a rail car that you can insert yourself into via cardboard and tape. If you can’t finish it on time, don’t worry, you’re actually just making the costume better. Once you’ve arrived at whatever party or get-together you’re attending, find a spot to sit and don’t move an inch until at least 2020.

5. Açai Bowl

Get inspired by an acai bowl, this one from Kahuku Farms on Oahu.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox

Grab a purple shirt you don’t mind getting dirty, wear one of those wacky fruit hats and drizzle honey and granola all over yourself. Voilà, you’re a bowl of purple gold.

6. Kailua Town Millenial

You may find the need to explain this costume to others, but don’t. You’re a Kailua Town Millenial. If people don’t know who you are, it’s because they’re probably not following you on Instagram. Once you’ve got the right mindset, complete the costume by dressing very fashionably, sling a polaroid camera around your neck (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to work) and wander around aimlessly with a $6 cup of espresso in your hand.

7. Failed Surfer

Photo: Getty Images

A classic kook-stume. The failed surfer costume consists of a bikini/boardshorts and a broken surfboard. If you’ve got the surfboard leash, put it on your arm and stumble around like you’ve just had the shorebreak pounding of your life.

8. “Magnum P.I.” (Past and Present)

You and a friend will have to coordinate on this one. One of you will imitate Tom Selleck’s portrayal of Thomas Magnum, stache and all, while the other dresses as the less iconic, but still devilishly handsome, Jay Hernandez version of Magnum.

9. McLovin

The Hawaii connection? McLovin is from Hawaii.

Underage drinking isn’t cool, but this costume sure is. Most people—who ironically are probably old enough to drink by now—can remember McLovin from the 2007 flick “Superbad,” the name on the fake ID that Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character, Fogell, used to buy vodka. Just don an oversized white button-up shirt and brown vest. But what’s the Hawaii connection? Dude’s from Hawaii, or at least that’s what his totally-legit ID says.

10. Hawaii Lifeguard

Red shorts, yellow shirt, fins, maybe a life preserver, and boom, you’re a Hawaii lifeguard. Extra credit would be a bronze tan and being in ridiculously good shape. Of course, being a real Hawaii lifeguard isn’t an easy task, and since their job is vital to making sure our beachgoers are safe, we ask that you don’t use this costume if you’re going to the beach, just in case people mistake you for the real thing.

11. Primo Beer Mascot

Remember the Primo beer mascot? The little local dude who wore an oversized Primo beer t-shirt, slippers and a Primo cap? You can find more modern takes on his outfit, like this hat and shirt, online, but be sure to complete the costume by picking up a case of the island lager at your closest supermarket or liquor store.

12. Hawaii Graduate

Photo: Kelsey Ige

Kids from Hawaii will remember graduating from high school and college by the sheer number of lei they received. It’s a common practice in the Islands to stack lei after lei on the necks of graduates until you can’t see anything but maybe their eyes. Mimic the momentous occasion by wearing your old gown and piling on the cheapest lei (candy lei counts, too!) you can find.

13. Longs Drugs Clerk

We know it’s technically CVS Pharmacy, but folks from Hawaii will always call it Longs. And if you can find a green Longs uniform or smock, you’ll have everything you need for this costume. Make it even better by carrying around some groceries like you’re restocking.