15-day free trial Scalar Energy healing sessions

Your health is precious and our gift to you is mana or scalar energy for you and your loved ones.

Mana is the life force energy of the Sun as well as the stars and is revered by the people of Hawaii and other cultures.  Mana pervades the universe and is responsible for bringing order out of chaos.  All activity in the universe is controlled by mana, the divine energy of the Creator.

Today, the Life Force energy is made available to the readers of HAWAII Magazine free of charge by way of a 15-day complimentary session.  These mana energy sessions have proven to significantly improve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of people throughout the world.  You will experience 15 consecutive days of pure, natural mana or scalar energy healing that will balance your seven chakras, eradicate germs and parasites from your body and restore your body’s nutritional balance. The scalar energy sessions are administered remotely by way of a photograph, hence, everyone in the world can be treated with scalar energy by way of a photograph of their skin.


The scalar energy sessions are offered without obligation for 15 days and only a photograph of your skin is needed to enjoy this restorative, healing energy.  The free scalar energy sessions are available at creativestrength.us.

Simply upload a photograph of some part of your skin and mana or scalar energy will identify you by way of your photograph and then deliver the life force energy to you.  The scalar energy sessions are benign and you do not have to change your lifestyle while experiencing the 15 days of free scalar energy treatments.


Your health is precious and our gift to you is mana or scalar energy for you and your loved ones. Call (805) 364-3051 to reach our support desk if you have any question.  Aloha and may God grant you excellent health. 




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